About Us

We are growing and dynamic company who is specialised in the transport of goods in the Scandinavian countries and also provided the most appropriate logistical solutions in other European regions. We can be proud with stable partners in Scandinavia, the Nordic market prices and their management, the flexibility and ability to adapt to the market situation. We provide our customers creative and high-quality transport solutions to the problem.


To help European companies to implement projects providing transport services and to offer creative and high quality logistics and transport services. In this way helping to implement human targets develop the Scandinavian region.


One hundred thousand tons of cargo to be delivered during the next year, providing the necessary goods in the northern European industry and citizens for a better life.


Aron Cargo – a successful company in northern Europe with strong values, professional and motivated team, which helps customers to realise the objectives.


The company’s core values have the responsibility and the promise holding, as well as the competence and high professionalism.

Give as a chance and we can prove ourselves!